Fitness & Nutrition Coach

I turned my passion for fitness, nutrition and wellness into a career of coaching clients to get stronger and healthier mentally and physically. Every physique is unique and that is how I coach – customized unique programs designed for YOU to help you gain lean muscle mass and change your body composition, while building confidence and a sustainable lifestyle.



“When your passion and purpose are greater than your fears and excuses, you will find a way”

I grew up with a passion for athleticism, playing soccer, competing as a figure skater, running, and competing in cheer & dance. This athleticism made me realize the importance of fueling the body appropriately to achieve optimal performance. I turned my passion for health and fitness into a career by helping others achieve their goals and teaching them tools and best practices along the way to achieve long-term and sustainable results.  

I am someone who is hard on myself…I always love to push myself to do better, have a goal, and go through a process to achieve that goal. This is when I turned to competing in NPC bikini bodybuilding at the national level in 2017. As your coach, I have been through it all – the highs, the lows – and I know the mental strength it takes to achieve your goals. Going through struggles is what makes us stronger mentally and physically, and I’m here for you as your advocate and support system to help you achieve your goals!



As a certified trainer and nutrition coach, I offer a variety of services to choose from. If you want to talk more about each option, please contact me for a free consultation!


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Fuel Your Body

Health and Fitness is not only about what your body looks like on the outside, but also on the inside! I will customize your nutrition plan - either with a personalized meal plan or personalized macros - to help you fuel your body the right way with the power of food!


Barbell and Kettlebell Weights

Build Lean Body Mass

Building strength is key to changing body composition. I build individualized programs customized to you. No two plans are alike because every client has different goals. My strength programs provide both strength and conditioning to provide you with the best results.


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Ultimate Plan For Your Well-Being

This plan is recommended if you're looking to make a lifestyle change. Training and nutrition go hand in hand. What you eat and when you eat will fuel your body appropriately and compliment your personalized strength program.




Andrea is so genuine, kind, and your biggest supporter! She has transformed my health. I have a better relationship with food, and I'm eating more calories than ever before! So thankful!


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